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Sometimes I just feel like
I'm the only one who knows what's right
But no one ever seems to care.
No matter what I do
Just when I think of you
It makes me realize I'm alone.
Sometimes I just feel like
I'm the only one who knows what's right
But no one ever seems to understand.
The people always try to break me
They always try to make me cry
And sometimes I just want to die.
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Necklace on a tree by icieprincess Necklace on a tree :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 The leaves by icieprincess The leaves :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 3 3 The coast II by icieprincess The coast II :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 2 0 My friend's necklace by icieprincess My friend's necklace :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 Rocks and the sea... by icieprincess Rocks and the sea... :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 2 0 My friend in the ''labyrinth'' by icieprincess My friend in the ''labyrinth'' :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 The coast by icieprincess The coast :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 1 0 The bench in the park by icieprincess The bench in the park :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 The rocks by icieprincess The rocks :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 1 0 My sister :D by icieprincess My sister :D :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 Necklace by icieprincess Necklace :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 The sea and the rocks by icieprincess The sea and the rocks :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0 A rose... by icieprincess A rose... :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0
NEW WORLD - Chapter 5
The next day, when I opened the box again, I found a little black notebook. It was old and a little dusty, but before I even opened it, I knew just what it is. A spellbook.
I opened the first page and saw a light spell. I decided to try it. I turned off the lights, and realised the letters glow in the dark. Cool!
I put it on my desk and tried to concentrate.
"Lux!" I said, but nothing happened.
"Lux!" I said again, louder. There were a few sparks in the dark comming from my hands.
"Lux!!" I said, this time I really shouted. For a second I was worried Derek could hear me but then I realised they aren't home. They went to watch Aiden's football game.
But then I realised there is a light 'ball' in my hands.
"So cool!" I whispered. I looked at the spellbook and tried to find the reverse spell. There wasn't one... But when I lost my concentration, the light disappeared.
I tried it a couple more times. When I thought I practised enough, I turned the page. There was a levitating spell.
I want
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Colorful....... by icieprincess Colorful....... :iconicieprincess:icieprincess 0 0


Utena: Touga Kiryuu by palecardinal Utena: Touga Kiryuu :iconpalecardinal:palecardinal 95 2 unerwartet by fly10 unerwartet :iconfly10:fly10 1,225 79
Looking straight ahead in to the dark. Your curiosity got the best of you. You stare and stare, wondering what's hiding in the dark. Your eyes never blinking. Waiting, to see what's really there.
. . . . . Red
Are you really seeing this . . . doubtful. You eyes playing you like a fool. Trying, to make you look away, but you won't, you can't. You are far to amazed, far to enchanted.
There is something drawing you in. Something, tuning out every piece of your mind, telling you to get away, run, scream; completely mute, completely immobile. Until, you hear it a whisper sliding pass your ear, barely audible. What did it say . . . Come.
That's all you need to hear. One step at a time, one foot before the other on the cold tile floor. Step by step, closer and closer. Your foot hitting the floor, hitting a warm . . . liquid. Looking down, your vision to obscure to see; but what else can it be.
. . . . Red
All ration coming back to mind. Looking back up, vision no longer obscured.
The walls .
:iconobsidianglitter:ObsidianGlitter 3 2
The Significance of Tolling Bells and Tears
each toll of the bell signified another hour gone, wasted
away, dashed from the pages of life—lost within its heady
sands b l o w i n g through the desert winds dampened only by
falling tears—splashes of salted water, nourishment for parched
throats stagnant with the aching illness of pain; overwhelming
sensory glands with acute thuds [pulsing throbs] against flaking
skin, cracking under the scorching sun—beaming rays catching
foolhardy thoughts established in heat-induced mania, time
slowly passing by while trudging steps searched for the way out of
the forest—refusing to admit the only way out was the same thing
that made tears fall, ever closer to the ground…until…eyes close,
fluttering shut with tired strokes—tears leaking for one last time;
desert sands, inescapable heat taking the life of yet another whose
bells have finally stopped tolling; another whose tears fall no more.
:iconlightoverpowers58:LightOverpowers58 13 19
Step softly, heart; mind doesn't know.
:iconyogateacher:YogaTeacher 479 142
Witch by MariannaInsomnia Witch :iconmariannainsomnia:MariannaInsomnia 6,746 477 Salsa Invertebraxa - Caterpillars At the Trough by m0zch0ps Salsa Invertebraxa - Caterpillars At the Trough :iconm0zch0ps:m0zch0ps 216 9 The Evil Guys Are Coming by TWPictures The Evil Guys Are Coming :icontwpictures:TWPictures 4,446 462 Akina by tonare Akina :icontonare:tonare 502 273 30 by ChisSweetArt 30 :iconchissweetart:ChisSweetArt 98 36 I think you should just leave. by agnes-green I think you should just leave. :iconagnes-green:agnes-green 322 93
Wanted XII
Wanted XII
Aang opened his eyes only to realize that darkness surrounded him. His vision was blurry at best and he couldn't make out anything with the killer combo. He groaned and the sound reverberated back at him; he was face down on cement or concrete.
Closing his eyes again, he tried to lift his head, but regretted it immediately. A throb, dull and deep, pounded in his skull, behind his eyes; making it damn near impossible to see.
In a vain attempt to make sense of what was going on, he raised his arm, and tried to feel around for something. His bones screamed out in protest as he stretched them, but he didn't stop. 
Where was he? Is this just a bad high? Too much weed?
No, he decided, he wasn't tripping. This was legit. Something had happened. Maybe Toph could- Toph! 
Where was she? He didn't hear her anywhere. And surely she would have come to him  had she noticed he was hurt or finally awake, right? Yes, that much he was sure of. So where was she? What the fuck ha
:iconchelsm3:ChelsM3 7 41
Inner Melanin
bleak yet tarnished skies reigned above a seven-fold utopian empire.
Citizens one by one,
shed their bonafide skin in the monochrome concrete pavement,
revealing their lovely keloid,
eternally defying the no's of each barking wolf,
morphing them into a thirsty earthworm.
compromise your etched zebra stripes,
bathe now on golden sun.
evolve into the undone.
You are welcome to stay,
far from the world of decay.
where vanity retire.
Upon a seven-fold utopian empire.
:iconmradobo:MrAdobo 1 2
If you'll forget
Have you ever watched raindrops on a pane of glass? They glide and eventually submerge into other raindrops and the more tears collide, the faster they fall – until eventually they seep away.
That is life.
You are still until a single drop splashes on your head; you begin your slow walk downhill. Then drops and drops, big and small, come crashing and running. Crashing and running and shoving you downhill until you break your crown.
These are the "obstacles" in life. The traumas, the unluckies, the people, the horrors, the words, the fists, the illnesses, the stories – these are the things that will kill you.
There is a heaviness, a weight, a mountain, a troll, a planet, a bulldozer, a factory, a rope around my neck – and it bleeds on everything I love. It holds me down, falls on my head and grips its chains around my ankle and anchors me to the ocean – close enough to breathe but not enough to live.
"If you want to go, that's okay," they'd say. Maybe. Hopefully. One
:iconxtintedlullabyx:xTintedlullabyx 21 28
merci marcelle by chansonpresley merci marcelle :iconchansonpresley:chansonpresley 105 69 Hetalia: Exceptional England by xxMusicalMime Hetalia: Exceptional England :iconxxmusicalmime:xxMusicalMime 337 34


So, after the photos I finally submitted the next chapter of my book. I really hope you guys like it.
Now I'm into this band called Falling In Reverse. They are really cool. My favorite songs are 'The Drug In Me Is You' and 'I'm Not A Vampire'.
And that's it. Read the book and enjoy it.
XOXO or whatever.
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  • Reading: Catherine Fisher - Incanceron
  • Playing: Guitar


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I always wanted to be a writer. Of course, I will make other art but probably mostly writing.


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